I board my flight to America on June 1st. That leaves just 45 days to take care of.... well, a lot. I've managed to already do quite a bit, though. I went to the eye doctor and bought a year's worth of contacts to bring back with me. I also got a new pair of… Continue reading boxes

9 months

Last Sunday, I had an overwhelming urge to call my Gramma. I got off my normal Skype call with my dad and picked my cell phone up. Gram picked up pretty quick and conversation moved on like normal for a few minutes. Then she told me that she was grateful I called because she was… Continue reading 9 months


I grew up in the country. The nearest mall was at least a half hour away, as was the supermarket. No bowling alley, movie theater, or decent hangout spot around. Growing up, I hated it. I mean, in all honesty, even now I would probably never move back there. I do, however, miss the countryside… Continue reading overdrive