long time, no see!

Hey, guys. I know, it’s been a while. I have a good excuse this time, though: I’m in America again!

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Yohei is here with me, too. His visa was approved and we both made it. I came in the beginning of June and spent some time with my family at the Ozarks. It was a beautiful place and I always love going there. The mornings were magical because I would wake up just as the sun was rising. I went out and watched the lake as a mysterious fog rolled in until I couldn’t see past the dock. Two hours later, it would roll out like a train, the end wall of the cloud totally visible.

One day, we even saw a majestic Bald Eagle. It was circling around us for a while and everyone stopped to stare. A few hours later after everyone went in, I was the only one still sitting on the dock when it came back. I watched as it swooped down and caught a fish in its talons. I was glad I stuck around!


A lot of other amazing things happened, too… Like some army planes flying low enough to stir the lake right over us and standing on driftwood in the middle of the lake. It was an awesome time – but you know how family vacations get, I’m sure. It was great for a while but I was ready to leave after three days. A week was just too long and tensions got high after a while.

I got a car and a phone, too. I’m all set up! I found a job a week after getting to Colorado. I start on Monday! My little sister’s wedding was on the third. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was magical.

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Before my grandfather passed, my little sister told him she wanted snow on her wedding day. She was planning on having a winter wedding at that point but the venue openings just didn’t work out that way.

The morning came and it was a sunny, warm day – even up on the mountain. As soon as the procession began, though, a light rain came out of nowhere and sprinkled us for the duration of the ceremony (it was an outdoor ceremony). As soon as it was over and we were walking down, the rain cleared up. As we all crowded by the window for a group photo during the start of the reception, a gorgeous rainbow filled the background. It was beautiful and magical.

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We already thought that it was Gramps looking over us and “showering us with his love” as we put it, but it wasn’t until Gramma pulled my little sister aside in tears that we knew…

You see, when they got married all those years ago, it was the exact same weather – right down to the rainbow.

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