I lived it

I remember once when I was a kid… Not a very young kid, but younger than I am now, nonetheless… My older sister had this incredible obsession TV shows that were based off of the kind of humor that made my ears hurt. The kind that is based off of the stupidity of the characters, depending on that stupidity to make viewers watch. Shows like Spongebob and the like.

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In fact, she used to have a Spongebob alarm clock. It was the pineapple house with the characters standing outside it. The alarm was the theme song. She was in high school at the time, so she had to wake up every morning around six. The alarm would annoy even her. So much to the point where she would pick it up and throw it… Only to buy another one within the next week. I believe she went through around seven of them before finally giving up.

I don’t remember which show it was (it may have actually been Spongebob), but there was one character that said, “You’ll survive.”

The other character replied with, “I don’t want to survive. I want to live!”

Everyone around me laughed. I didn’t get what was so funny. My sister automatically assumed that I didn’t know what ‘survive’ means. On the contrary, I know what both words mean, but in my opinion, they have very different meanings.

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For me, survive means to stay alive, but work hard to do so. To go against the odds put up and climb over the obstacles in your way, but make it to the other side out of breath and needing to rest.

To ‘live’…. To live, in my opinion, means that life is going well. To me, it means that I am doing what I want, and having a good time with it.

If someone were to ask me at the end of my life, “How was it?”

I would much prefer to answer, “I lived it,” over “I survived it.”

live your best life

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