green card

Yohei and I have been working on his green card to get him to the states. I had to file an initial petition to even get into the process.

We filed in July 2020, a month after my grandpa passed. I think it acted as a bit of a catalyst to finally get things moving. I knew I needed to get back after that so I could be near my family.

I'm waiting

The worst part about filing for a green card is the waiting game. It can take anywhere up to a year to get the acceptance of the initial petition, and there is nothing you can do while it’s processing.

Just… wait.

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Saturday, on February 6th, 2021, I woke up to an e-mail saying that it was accepted! We are finally able to move forward with the process! We have to pay a fee from an American bank account, so I used TransferWise to send it to my American account. Once it goes through, we are going to pay the fee and start filling out the other documents.

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If we do everything correctly and don’t delay the process, Yohei may be able to head back with me in June! I am over the moon! My biggest stress is gone and Yohei is happier talking about the future now that we have more of a timeline.

We actually just went onto the site and paid one of the fees today. While it was a big chunk of money I had to take out of my account, I am still giddy with excitement thinking about all the things we will be able to do together in America!

I need to start looking into things in Colorado…

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Health insurance, best cell phone provider, car insurance, a job…

I’m getting butterflies think about it!

Here is to the future!

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