Christmas Market

On Saturday, Yohei surprised me by suddenly asking me if I wanted to take a trip into Tokyo to see a Christmas Market.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love Christmas. Christmas Markets are like my own personal happy place. At least, from my experiences from when I was in the states. I’ve only been to one in Japan and it was super cute, too, so I was excited.

We cleaned up and went to a part of Tokyo called Meguro. There was a cute little market there full of goods from local shops. There weren’t many people there, but the market itself was kind of a bust simply because it lacked the charm of a Christmas Market. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it. It just didn’t put me in the Christmas mood like other markets have. It was adorable and perfect as a regular flea market, though.

Yohei agreed with me and so we set out to find the other one that was in Hibiya. This one was huge and absolutely packed. It was gorgeous, though! Overflowing with Christmas energy!

They had live entertainment that I wasn’t a huge fan of… The singer was quite full of herself and even kind of got on the audience’s case about how they didn’t applaud as loud as other audiences usually did and how she worked super hard on the encore she had planned. It was super awkward to watch.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening! We only bought a Christmas cake and some mustard from the first market but on the way home, we did find a Harry Potter pop up shop at the station where we picked up some cute post cards and a sticker!

Here is the video I made for my YouTube about the markets:

Stay safe and healthy!

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