birthday plans

My birthday is coming up. It’s my last birthday in Japan, so I decided I want to kind of make a big deal about it as an excuse to invite all my friends together.

So after talking to a few people, my husband decided that he is going to set up the reservation. We are all going to TGIFridays in Ueno on the 19th. I’m super excited because apparently they have a party course with a bunch of my favorite American food… including mozzarella sticks!

My birthday is actually the Monday before, but we can’t go all the way to Tokyo to celebrate on a Monday…

Not the mention it’s the day before payday, which is how it always seems to work out, right?

My husband is the one taking care of most of the details, but I know that a few friends are coming that I haven’t seen in quite a while, including a friend I knew in school that I haven’t seen in over a year.

We were a little worried about Corona, though. We have 12 people going to this dinner – would the restaurant allow that many people in one reservation? Would they say okay but make us sit at separate tables?

Yohei called, though, and the reservation was okayed right away. The only thing is, they said, that they have to put us right by the door. When we asked if it was because of the size of the group, they said kind of, but only because another large group made a reservation for the same day before us and got the good part of the room.

I’m really excited, though! Good friends, good food, and for sure a good time!

be good

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