catching up

It’s been a while since I last wrote, I admit. In all honestly, life has gotten so busy that I completely forgot that I even had a blog going.

Work has been going…. well, it’s been going. Let’s just end that sentence there. For the last few months, I’ve had to participate in gym class with the kids to prepare for Sports Day. That in itself isn’t bad, but before that, those 45 minutes were the only time that I had to myself for lesson prep and cleaning.

We went hiking a few weeks ago, though. We decided we were going to take the cable car up and then walk down the mountain after enjoying the view because we wanted to get some photos where we weren’t all exhausted looking and messy.

Unfortunately, we hit a HUGE traffic jam on the way there. What was supposed to be a 40 minute bus ride turned into two hours. We took the cable car up and took a few nice photos.

After taking the photos, we decided to just take the cable car down because it was getting dark. However, when we got our tickets, we realized we needed to take a number from a different stand as well because it was so crowded. I’ve climbed Tsukuba about 15 times now and I’ve never had this before. We took a number, though, and they wanted us to wait two and a half hours for our turn to ride. We decided to just get refunds for our tickets and hike down, after all.

What a mess. I ended up rolling my foot and injuring it quite badly…

But all in all…

It was actually a super fun day.

For an early birthday gift, my husband actually bought me a GoPro Hero9 and accessories. Using that, my phone, and my Olympus, I made a YouTube video and started a channel. I hope to make it grow and update both my blog and the channel regularly.

I have seven subscribers already! I know it’s not much, but I’m excited about it.

I know the sound quality in my first video isn’t great… and I messed up when I took the phone videos because I didn’t take them in landscape view. But I’m still learning and growing!

I hope you’ll watch it and tell me what you think! I had fun working with the new software and going through all the footage. I have since bought a new mic and am excited to use it!

I will try to write more soon!

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