grandpa, you here?

So, last Wednesday, I had another experience with Christmas things. I woke up and started going about my day. I got to work and nothing happened, so I was a little concerned. Morning snack rolled around, then lunch and nap. Still nothing.


Is it over? I thought. Do I no longer get my little reminders that Gramps is watching over me?

Then I got it.

The kids woke up and lined up for their gym class. I grabbed the little notebook that we hand back and forth with the gym teachers. We use it to write the names of kids that are absent so they know how to adjust whatever they’re doing that day. I never go to gym class with the kids – my partner does. She started her lunch break late, though, so I was going to bring them and she would join later.

I opened it up to the latest page and there it was. The gym teacher, for whatever reason, drew a picture of a Christmas tree right there on the page. I smiled a bit and breathed a sigh of relief. I still had my Christmas Wednesdays.

Bitmoji Image

Later in the week, I was thinking about it and I began to wonder – if Grandpa was really here and watching me, maybe I could try out some ghost hunting stuff I always see on shows and YouTube.

I downloaded Necrophonic on my phone and opened it up. This is supposedly a type of spirit box that snacs a bunch of frequencies and spirits, in theory, should be able to use it to communicate.

I turned it on and sat for a moment. A few random Japanese words came through that I couldn’t make out – including a woman’s voice asking, “Miu?” (A Japanese name.)

Feeling like a complete fool, I asked out, “Grandpa? You here?”

I heard a man’s voice, distorted, come through and say, “Well, hi!”

I am very skeptical about these things but it still made me happy to the point where tears started pooling in my eyes, to which the app responded with, “Oh, no…”

I honestly didn’t get much on it after that, so I turned it off and opened up another app. This one was an Ovilus. It’s another type of spirit communication that had a dictionary in it and it will say words those words pop up on the screen. I thought this would be easier to understand than the jumbled mess that was coming over the Necrophonic app. Not to mention the Ovilus is only in English whereas the Necrophonic was spitting tons of Japanese at me.

I turned it on and immediately got “Knit. Remove.” I thought that was weird because I do knit and I haven’t really touched it all since my Grandpa passed. I haven’t really been able to get into my hobbies. Part of it is lack of energy from the sadness I’m still dealing with. Another part is just not being able to find time.

Bitmoji Image

I’ve had the knitting things sitting in a basket in the bookcase.

The next word that came through (after waiting for about ten minutes) was “Threat”. Confused, I waited for more, but nothing really came through. Right as I was getting ready to turn it off, it said, “Jim.”

That’s my dad’s name. Just as I was going to turn it off, my dad then messaged me seeing if I was free to talk. Ralk about weird coincidence!

Then, yesterday, I opened it back up out of curiosity and waited. It said, “Danger. Threat.”

I thought it was weird that it said threat again, but kind of rolled with it. Feeling rather foolish again, I said, “Okay. If you’re Grandpa, prove it. Say something that will show me it’s you. Like my name.”

And then it spit out, “Lynn.”

That’s my middle name.


Slightly freaked out, I turned it off…

I haven’t opened it up again since, but maybe I will try again on Wednesday when I get my Christmas thing.

I think this weekend, I’m going to try Randonautica… If you don’t know what that is, definitely look it up! I’ll let you know how it goes!


That’s all for now.

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