two more christmas wednesdays

Two Wednesdays have passed since I last wrote. And two more Wednesdays in a row had Christmas themed happenings.

merry christmas

The first of the two Wednesdays was more than one.

I woke up to a photo sent to me by my older sister. That in itself was odd because we don’t talk much. The photo was of my nephew wearing a sweater with the caption being, “It finally fits!”

Four years ago, I gave him that sweater for Christmas. I bought it in a size way too big and said he would grow into it. Apparently he finally has. I thought it was strange that she was sending me this photo in July when it’s so hot out. She said it’s because he gets cold in the house with the air conditioning.

Bitmoji Image

Maybe a stretch? I thought.

I got to work and one of my old students walked up to me and showed me a red and green handkerchief with a teddy bear wearing a Santa hat on it.

Whoa, I thought. That’s weird… but maybe still a stretch?

Suddenly I heard, “It’s a Christmas miracle! *So and so* is here on time today!” My friend was shouting it from across the room.

That’s definitely Christmas related, but… “Did you do that on purpose because it’s Wednesday?” I asked. He is my friend, after all, and he knew about my loss. As we are close, I had told him about the dream.

He looked at me, dead in the face for a moment. “It’s only Wednesday? I could have sworn it was Thursday. The week is only halfway done?!”

So I guess that answered that question. But still! Maybe he subconsciously remembered?

Fast-forward to snack time. A student randomly asked me, “Teacher Tanie, do you like Santa Claus?”

sitting on Santa's lap

And there was my undeniable proof. A four year old wouldn’t know about my dream to randomly ask me if I liked Santa Claus. I mean, who DOESN’T like Santa Claus? A jolly man that showers you with gifts just for being good throughout the year?

I went home feeling warm inside, confident that Grandpa is there and watching over me.

The next week, I woke up feeling sick. My head hurt and I was nauseous. I called in sick and went back to bed.

The thought did cross my mind that I probably wouldn’t encounter any Christmas happenings this week since I was home and in bed.

Bitmoji Image

I woke up at around ten AM and checked my phone to see I had a message from my younger sister. She sent me a video. I hit the play icon to see my Grandpa’s face distorted from a Snapchat filter with a comically large smile and a Santa hat on his head. There was a Christmas tree in the background as I hugged him from behind.

Please disregard the typos. I was mind-blown, home sick, and slightly drugged up on cold medicine.

My mind was completely blown. No way! I thought. My heart filled with love and I actually found myself crying again knowing that Grandpa is here, he is watching. He is reminding me that he is with me… at least on Wednesdays.

Tomorrow is Wednesday yet again and I am eagerly awaiting my weekly visit.


Stay safe.

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