oh, dear….

I am writing this from my bed on a Monday morning. I woke up at my normal time and went to work.

Last week, they sent out a letter to the parents saying that if possible, please keep kids home and practice self-quarantine. Because of that, I had 14 kids absent in my class today. In fact, my entire grade of usually 77 kids was down to 36 today. The other grades aren’t that different. In fact, one grade (the youngest) only had 16 kids even come in today.

The principal decided that teachers should work on rotation. I was sent home today and will go back in tomorrow. Another teacher for my grade will take off tomorrow. We will see how this progresses as the week goes on.

I found out today that another day care nearby had a positive case of corona. They have been shut down. I’m not sure what that will mean for us. I know that a convenience store nearby also had a positive case. They’ve shut down as well. This is a mess.

My school doubles as a day care and a kindergarten. They’ve halted the kindergarten aspect in the sense that the curriculum is currently paused. We are actually already two weeks behind schedule so I am a bit worried…

And that’s just for this school year. They stopped the curriculum for the last month of the school year (all of March). The reasoning was that it was optional attendance but most classes, like mine, only had one or two absences a day. Optional attendance isn’t like what’s happening now – we basically just told the parents that even if the kids took off, they wouldn’t be marked as missing a day of school. This, though, is different. We are urging parents to keep their children home where the risk of exposure is much less.

Yes, we are constantly cleaning and disinfecting. We open the windows when we can to allow air flow. We wipe everything down multiple times throughout the day. That doesn’t mean that school is safe, though.

On the plus side, I received an email saying that my student loans have been put on no interest forbearance until November. Yay! I will use this time to pay off my credit cards.

Also a plus, I was extremely concerned about pay after told about this rotation business so I talked to my principal. We are still going to be getting our full paychecks.

My grandfather has congestive heart failure and had been showing some bad symptoms. He had surgery last year and we have been worried. He went to the hospital and was tested negative for corona, luckily, but had to get his gallbladder taken out.

He came out of the surgery safely and is currently at home recovering. He is still struggling to get his appetite back because his taste buds are acting all funky.

We are being pounded with rain and wind today so I’m actually pretty happy to be home and snuggled in bed. I think I will try to put together a lesson schedule for tomorrow with some worksheets and then break out the PS4 for some relaxing gaming as I sip my hot coffee and wrap myself in my futon.

If you have any ideas for how to keep a room full of 4 year olds entertained, please comment below!

Be safe!

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