I know I have mentioned this before, but I work at an international school. The staff is a mix of people from all over the world, but it is mostly Japanese staff. They take care of all of the management stuff.

“Take care of.”

We recently had a flood of new teachers come in. I became close to one of them because he was placed in my class to observe and learn from me. He had floated around to a few rooms but he said he liked my teaching style most out of all the staff he had seen so he had a ton of questions.

After we were talking, he convinced me to go out with him and some of the new teachers for drinks and dinner after work. We had a really good time and they added me to their group chat on Line.

The next morning, I get a message from one of them – a girl we will call Addy. She had privately messaged me (and was very happy to see that I responded and was actually me). She asked me what she should do because she woke up at 6 AM and her power in her apartment was turned off and her phone was broken so she couldn’t make calls.

I had her give me the number for the staff member that was supposed to help her with her living situation and he rejected my phone call, though that may have been because he didn’t recognize my phone number.

I sent him a text explaining the situation (in Japanese so he would definitely understand) and he messaged me back saying thank you and he would contact Addy.

An hour passes and Addy messaged me telling me that she still hadn’t even heard from him. She e-mailed him saying:

“I’m so sorry to bother you again but I don’t have electricity in my apartment. I don’t know why or what do to do. I tried to call you but I don’t know why my phone won’t let me.”

His reply was:

“Hi, that’s too bad. I suggest you visit the shop you bought the phone from. They can help you.”

What helpful advice, right?

Anywho, she sent me a screenshot of that and I was quite angry. She told me that she was working on it with someone else and that she would get back to me.

The next morning, she messaged me again saying she still had no power.

I was tempted to call that office worker again but I decided to just take matters into my own hand.

I got the support number for her apartment and I called. I had to wait on hold for quite a while but I finally got a representative just to be told that they don’t handle the electricity. They gave me the phone number for the electric company and I called them.

I luckily didn’t get put on hold for very long this time and was connected right away. They basically told me that they had a contract with the company (everyone who gets an apartment through the company has this) but that the company never renewed the contract or told them that someone new moved in!

They had a set turn-off-the-power date and would change it if they were notified that someone new moved in, but they never told them that someone new moved in… so they just turned it off!

It got down to below freezing that weekend and Addy was in an apartment with no heat… or any power at all. So I explained the whole situation and they said they could turn the power on remotely and renew the contract. So we worked it out and put my phone number on the record in case they needed anything.

Her power turned on shortly after and she was very, very grateful. She told all the other new teachers that I helped her when our bosses couldn’t, so I gained all of their respect. Obviously, that isn’t why I did it, though. It actually embarrasses me a bit.

The next day, I walked into the teachers room where they were sitting and they broke into applause and were calling me a saint… I think I turned twelve shades of red.

Either way, I’m glad it worked out.

I still can’t believe our bosses wouldn’t help even though it was their fault…

Stay safe!

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