what a week
karoushi (過労死)

This week was intense. It was just a busy week at work, but goodness gracious, I can only take so much.

It started out rather blah. I went in on Monday feeling rather yuck. Anywho, I pushed through the day and went to bed early hoping to feel better soon.

Tuesday, I was planning on going home early because I had an errand I needed to run and it had to be done before 15:00. I woke up feeling a whole level up of yuck than Monday and ended up just calling in. I didn’t have a fever, though, so I counted my lucky stars and rested up until about 13:00 and I ventured out into the rain to run said errand. I finished, went grocery shopping, came home, and didn’t leave again. I’ve been here since.

Totally kidding.

On Wednesdays, I always have to be at work at 7:00 for a special morning care thing. There is a different teacher to cover every day. I have Wednesdays so I woke up at 5:30 and got ready, making my way to work. The day was full of turbulence but I made it through.

Thursday, I had to cover for a fellow worker bee that was on vacation. I again woke up at 5:30 and went throughout the day in half zombie mode. On Thursday evenings, I teach special advanced courses to elementary school students and was therefore at work for a solid twelve hours. When I was getting ready to clock out, they dropped a bomb on me that the special lessons were going to be going on spring break for two months and I was asked to give that much homework… but I had to make it myself. The last lesson is next week so I needed to make it fast.

As I was getting ready to leave, I got a message from the guy who does the Friday morning care. He asked me to cover his shift because he couldn’t come in.

So on Friday, I once again woke up at 5:30 to go to work for another twelve hour day. I actually was clocked in by 6:45 to work on that special lesson homework I had to make.

keyboard smash

By the end of the day, I was losing my voice and was starting to cough a bit. Exhaustion was settling in. However, the new teachers asked me to go out to dinner with them and I couldn’t say no. After a stressful week, it felt like a nice way to unwind. We ended up grabbing a few drinks and talking until about 22:00. I was the one who went to take my leave first but everyone quickly realized the time and agreed it was probably best to call it a night. We all said bye and headed home.

I barely finished showering before I passed out, beyond tired and already in zombie, just-going-through-the-motions mode. I woke up today feeling still a bit blah, though. My voice is pretty much gone and I do have a slightly painful cough. I took a swig of DayQuil, though, and am determined to make it through the day. I have to go get new glasses today.

Not a super eventful week when you read it like this, but it is just a generalization of my screaming in my own head that I’m too busy for my own good. At least my overtime pay this month is going to be amazing. I still have a planned ten hours. (1.5 hours morning care on Wednesday morning, 3 hours Wednesday evening for evening care, same thing on the 25th, and my last hour of advanced lessons on the 19th). I’m looking forward to that paycheck.

It won’t mean much, though, if I work myself to death… which it where the title comes in. karoushi (過労死) means death from overwork and mental stress. At this rate, I don’t think I’m far off.

I need a break

Have a great week and stay safe.

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