been a minute…

I know, I know. I disappeared after that big speech about being on top of things and being determined to post regularly. Life, however, had different plans for me.

I do have big news, though! My husband and I decided that we are going to move back to the states. Our goal is for Christmas this year! My little sister made a GoFundMe page to support us – she is so sweet.

As of now, I am trying to take courses on business and entrepreneurship to help me get ready for the B&B. It is hard to find courses that apply directly to me but I am learning bits from different ones. I was going to originally try MasterClass, but it was a little more expensive so I went with SkillShare.

Hubby and I will be working on getting his visa taken care of and then we will move to Colorado to stay with my little sister until we find work. After we get our feet on the ground and start getting a steady income, we will get our own place and work more toward the B&B on location.

I really think this is a great decision because it will make every step toward Burgundy Door a lot easier. We will have higher incomes (Japanese incomes are a lot lower than American) and I won’t be as limited. Here, even though I speak fluent Japanese, I’m still very limited to pretty much just teaching positions. If I had more education in coding or something, I could find a tech job pretty easily, but I don’t. No marketing or advertising agencies will even give me the time of day, either.

Hubby does work in coding and software so he will be able to find a job back in the US pretty easily, too, I think. Denver has a pretty high Japanese population, too, so I’m hoping that we can find jobs easier… but either way, we will not lose hope!

Living and working in Colorado will also help us get a better understanding of where is best to actually set up the B&B. We can learn more local knowledge and use it to our advantage: where is most popular? Where will make a quiet and relaxing experience for guests? Where will have proper year-round tourism?

Not to mention, making American dollars and keeping it there will save me a lot of money because I won’t be making (less) money in yen and then losing more as I send it over with transfer fees and conversion rates.

Moving back also means I will have more support from family as I start up. Hopefully it all works out well!

Meanwhile, I am trying to take care of tax things as the season comes and I am trying to slowly get rid of unnecessary items in my house which is actually much more difficult than you may know! We have a TON of things we are going to get rid of – but we still need them until we actually leave. Things like our bed, dresser, bookshelves, etc… And we need to decide if we are going to be keeping certain things such as books, clothes, gifts, kitchen supplies…

When I say kitchen supplies, of course, I am not referring to spoons and knives. We will be tossing those. I mean things like my Ninja blender and Foodi (which I decided to keep – shipping them back when the time comes). I also have a cute kitchen scale that Hubby gave me for my birthday. I am going to try to keep it, too, I think. Pots and pans will be tossed, though.

That it our current update, though. I will try to write more, I promise! Work is insane but I am going to aim for better time management – after all, if I am going to open a B&B, I need to be better at keeping up with these kinds of things!

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