a little rant

My fellow book lovers, this is a rant.

I’ve been reading a series. It’s a really good series! I read up through book six and was getting ready to start book seven. I only have seven and eight before I finish the series. I already have book seven and eight. Once I am done with these, I am planning on finally starting those business books I bought.

So I say down finished book six. It ended on a HUGE cliffhanger and I was extremely happy that I already owned book seven. I plopped down and opened it up only to realize that it is a PARALLEL STORY! It doesn’t pick up from the cliffhanger – it follows two characters that I don’t really care for as they are going through their own issues in a completely different kingdom!

I mean, WHAT THE HECK, SARAH J. MAAS! I don’t care so much about Chaol as he deals with his own stuff after what happened to Aelin and Rowan at the end of book six! But because I know there is probably important information in this book, I will read it… But out of anger, I will probably donate the entire series to the library when I am finished.

End little rant.

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