heck of a day

Hey, there, my darlings.

This isn’t B&B related, but I have had a heck of a day.

A nasty typhoon came in last night. It kept us awake all night with the howling wind and things clattering about. My tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden are definitely not happy. My roses took a little beating, but they will make it. My lavender and herbs are luckily all okay.

I, however, am not so good.

I “woke up” (I didn’t actually sleep) with a horrible cough and gave up sleeping altogether at about six. The trains weren’t running because of the typhoon so I messaged my fellow worker bees and asked what was going on in the situation of…. well, basically I just wanted to know if we were getting a day off.

But alas, they apparently decided that we should be able to make it in regardless of the weather and the fact that trains weren’t running. After a lot of back and forth with our supervisors in the group chat and everyone complaining, it was decided that we should go in whenever our designated trains started working again. Mine were supposed to start running again at ten. So I hunkered down with a full pot of coffee and decided to try to get some rest for a while.

My coughing wasn’t stopping and my entire body was aching. I was somehow hot and cold at the same time, and my headache was one of those pounding types that echo my heartbeat.

As I mumbled a little, “Not good, not good…” to myself, I took my temperature only to find it was a whopping 39.85C (103.73F)! I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I tried two more times… No change. I was a little worried for my well being at that point. So I took a picture of the thermometer and sent it to my boss so they knew I wasn’t just trying to get out of work. They were very sympathetic. I went into the doctor at ten. I would have gone earlier but they didn’t open until then. I didn’t have to wait long because as expected, most people were at work on a Monday morning (despite the typhoon).

I ventured into the little room and the doctor saw me. He was instantly concerned about my high temperature and asked about all my other symptoms. After explaining, he asked if I wanted to take a flu test.

I admit that I hesitated. In Japan, it’s a common thing that you take off work for about five days for the flu. Three days to allow your fever to break and two days to ensure it’s gone. I expressed those concerns to the doctor and he actually laughed, saying that I need to worry less about taking off of work and worry more about my own well being. So I took the test.

They had me wait in a little curtained bed area for the results and I knew the answer before the doctor came in to tell me. The nurse came in to say that the doctor would be in soon and handed me a surgical mask. Sick people wearing masks is very normal here. But as soon as I saw that mask being handed to me, I knew I tested positive. I was given a note to say how long I should be off of work, got some medicine, and was sent on my way.

So today I binge watched the most recent series of Good Witch as I coughed and contemplated things about the B&B. I talked to my husband and I think we may have decided a name… It may change, mind you, but I feel like it’s a good name. I will change the name of my blog, I think, to match it. I think it has a nice ring to it…

“Burgundy Door.”

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