i know my purpose

I have officially figured out my dream! I know what I want in life and I am officially working toward it!

Now, at the age of 26, I am announcing it here…. Let it be known that I am determined to open up my own Bed and Breakfast! Not that AirB&B stuff. I want to purchase a large plot of land and open up a nice little B&B. I want to host weddings and meet people from all over.

To start working toward my dream, I am starting to take the necessary steps! The other day, I went to the bank and opened up a special savings account. I have it set to automatically take 20,000 yen from my paycheck every month. I talked to my husband and he is going to support me by pitching in money to this savings account. We can’t touch the money in this savings, though, until the time period is over: six years. Now, I am completely okay with this. If I was able to access it, I may be tempted to take a little now and then for things I don’t really need.

I ordered five books that are the most recommended for people who want to start their own businesses. I’m going to start looking into how to get business licenses next. I will start looking into different property values in different locations and researching which locations would be best based off of demand.

This is what I will be working toward and probably what I will be writing about most of the time from here on. Stay with me and learn what I learn! Let’s grow together.

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